As a new generation of Prolifers we want to reposition the debate around the abortion. During the past years, the prolife associations have been discredited by the media. We’ve seen a lot of newspapers and web magazines launching articles about how the prolife volunteers are well known to be Christian people fighting against the woman freedom and we just want to inform the public opinion about the gigantic mirage created to hide another realty a lot less glamorous than the question of freedom itself.

We are absolutely not fighting against the woman evolution. It is in fact all the contrary. We believe that the gap which have been caused by the inequality between woman and man and the beginning of the fight for abortion launching by women as a right are two different facts that are no longer to be merge in this present situation in the era of globalization.

We cannot continue to keep the same speech over and over again while we live in a totally different world. Feminist cannot continue to use the rape as an answer to abortion. In fact, if the pregnancy is causing as a result of rape, why aren’t we punishing the rapist instead of punishing the baby who ask for nothing? Why aren’t we fighting in each country for more security, in order to low down the number of rape?

If feminist people were truly involved for the goodness of abortion’s victims, why don’t we see them make prevention for the youngest instead of making the abortion promotion?

Why all the pro-choicers are saying that an abortion is nothing when scientist themselves are all agreeing about the dispiritedness lived by most of the women who undergo an abortion?


We are not blaming the women who already have undergo an abortion. That’s not our point. Our point is to enlighten what is going between the fake bias of our government which are showing a great determination to fight for pro-choice measures suddenly waving the women freedom banner whereas in others economic sectors they are less regarding.

We want to prove that the real pro-choicers and pro-women are the Prolifers because we are all fighting for the unborn child who have no right to speak, we are all fighting to make prevention in order to help young women never to live an abortion and all the trauma hiding behind. We are all here to empower families and boyfriends to understand and take care as much as possible the women who are living it.

And we will all be here at the end when the women will no longer have to go through an abortion. When we will succeed in making it useless.